Meet me

I'm experimenting with new ways to structure my social life. Whether I know you well already or not, if you've found this, and are interested in spending an hour or two talking with me, I'm likely to be interested too.

You don't have to have any particular topic in mind, though if there's something in particular you'd like to ask me about, tell me about, ask for help with, or volunteer help with, that could be helpful in getting a conversation started.

These are experimental, so there's no guarantee this will stay available, and you should expect some early glitches.


First thing in the morning is an especially good time for me to meet up with people socially, so as an experiment I'm opening up my mornings to anyone who books one.

If you come to my place in Berkeley, I'm happy to make coffee or tea, and breakfast if you want it.

You can book a morning with me here.

Walk up the Berkeley hills

Ever since my time at the Vipassana Center retreat, I've been liking walks more as a venue for one-on-one conversations. Conveniently, I live somewhat near the Berkeley hills, and there are nice lookout points up there where one can watch the sun set over the bay if one times it right.

You can book an evening with me here.