How to pay for my work

Give me a gift

If you want to send me a strong credible signal that you like what I am doing and thing I should be doing more of it, one way to do that is to send me money. I am not promising anything in return, unless we have separately agreed to that.

PayPal:, or simply click here

Venmo: @Benquo

Bitcoin: 3KDEpJtspQ3PyvUTeE6BMTtX4YWJKmNy5o

Ethereum: 0xfF2c5aef38cEA685485b2a13fC15D5Ea95fc4624

Litecoin: MNVkf5p1UR31o8FF9yJoMCEocir1WVgtL4

Hire me

If you want to hire me to do something, my current rate is a quarter-ounce of gold (~$350) per hour or one ounce (~$1,300) per full workday, currency negotiable. This is based on the replacement cost of my time, so rates are negotiable if it's work I think ought to get done anyway; mostly I end up working for free, for glory, or for an informal equity stake.

Working on a sabbath or other previously reserved day is extra, more like a pound of gold (~$20,000).