Ask Ben: Seafood in DC

A friend writes:

DC food question for you: a friend of mine will be visiting DC this weekend from Idaho and was hoping to have seafood while in town. Do you have any restaurant recommendations? Thank you!

If they can get up to Silver Spring, Crisfield is fantastic. Not fancy at all, not very expensive, but the seafood is fresh and excellent. They do it all - crab, fish, oysters.

In general terms Pesce is the best place for cooked fish in DC, it is somewhat upscale but not extremely pricey. A bit less expensive is Grillfish.

Other restaurants that will do great things with seafood include Tosca (a white-tablecloth Italian place that might be the best restaurant in DC, and again upscale but not extremely so), and Acadiana and DC Coast.

For sushi, my go-to is Sushi Taro, but I have also heard great things about Kotobuki Sushi.

There are lots of great places for oysters, Pearl Dive is probably the best regarded, though Clyde's is also fine. I've heard good things about Hank's Oyster Bar and Johnny's Half-Shell is supposed to be good too.

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