On Transgressive Coordination

Selentelechia asked:

how on earth did we get the *pedophiles* for our elites 
frankly at this point I would vote for the lizard people at least they wouldn't have any reason to, well, you know

By declaring pedophilia the worst transgression, we made it the Schelling point for elites to bond via shared transgression.

You might better ask, how did we end up governed by transgression-bonded elites

I think the natural progression is:

(1) Free peoples

(2) Conquest leads to authentic hierarchy, with approval flowing downwards (masters view themselves as "good", slaves use masters' language)

(3) Slave morality, i.e. perversity ("good" is anti-life), spreads among majority

(4) Under conditions of perversity, group cohesion depends on shared transgression, not shared explicit standards.

(5) Eventually these groups are able to conquer others within a mostly-perverse world, though they would lose wars against the nonperverse.

This is why the Nazis, with more advanced and intense perversity, lost to the Allies, even though Allied countries were actively promoting criminals to leadership. Allies had more residual ability to respond nonperversely to performance pressure, so they were worse at losing.

The excellent info source Traditions of Conflict suggests the alternative that this can originate as a gendered thing prior to the emergence of more general perversity.

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