Three puzzles

What is the next item in the sequence?

My partner's name is Kitty. Our children's names are Bishop and Cantor. What is my name?

Eight American tourists were vacationing in the Lesser Antilles. They were staying on a large island, but decided to take an overnight trip to a smaller island that was supposed to have spectacular beaches, and was less crowded because it was harder to get to. The day before they were supposed to take a boat over to the smaller island, one couple fell ill, but the others continued on. When they arrived, they found there was only one bed-and-breakfast inn on the island, which already had many guests - seven Germans, four Italians, and five Swedes. Fortunately, there was room at the inn to accommodate the Americans, so after enjoying sunset on the beach, they stayed overnight at the inn. To their surprise, when they came into the common area for breakfast, the Swedes and Italians were not present. The Germans were there, but were not eating - they looked full. One of the Americans asked one of the Germans whether their number had already eaten the breakfast served by their hosts, and the German indicated in her native tongue that they had not. Why were the Americans terrified?

3 thoughts on “Three puzzles

  1. Rory O’Kane

    SPOILER – solution for the third puzzle:

    In the German’s native tongue, “no” is “nein”. The Americans heard “nine”. They thought that the Germans had eaten the 4+5=9 other tourists for breakfast.

    Though I don’t get the point of stating that there were eight Americans, and including the detail that a couple of them were left behind. It was a bit annoying that I kept track of their number and it didn’t even matter in the end.

    1. Daniel Blank

      This is rather late, but it is for a pun's sake.


      Fvk jrer nsenvq bs frira orpnhfr frira ngr avar.


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