Not even a real links post, just a blatant ad

Scott says:

There’s a charity thing going on today where whoever gets the most unique donors of $10 or more by midnight tonight wins $250,000 a bundle of useful services supposedly valued at $250,000.

MIRI, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, is a group that works on ensuring a positive singularity and friendly AI. They were part-founded by Eliezer Yudkowsky, they’re closely affiliated with Less Wrong, and they briefly employed me). They are currently thirteen only eight donors away from the top place, with only four hours left to go (I think they’re on California time).

If you are concerned about the far future, please consider giving them a quick $10 donation at this link to tip them over the edge.

EDIT1: Someone claimed anonymous donations don’t count, so you might want to donate under your real name

EDIT2: Or if you’re interested in eye care for poor Indian children, you can donate to the current leader, Sankara Eye Foundation. Everyone else seems too far behind to catch up

I am not totally sure that MIRI is always the most effective use of your charitable dollars, but I am pretty sure that under these advantageous circumstances, that first $10 has a darned high expected value.

[Offer retracted by MIRI's request. If you already gave because of what I said, email me and we'll work something out.]

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